The professional vs personal you

As a professional using social media to expand your organization and interests you are multiplying your access to resources and people, yet how do you mold your personal life with your professional side. We’ve all see the sites where people maintain strict boundaries, you don’t even know who’s supplying the information. These sites have their purposes, but your drive to follow and connect through this information is low. We crave interaction along with our understanding.

As a Social Worker, my person encompasses my profession. The boundaries are more fluid between my professional and personal life because how I serve the community is an outpouring of who I am. Yet,as social media Hannah I find myself only presenting information that I want everyone to see. The time of privacy is over. As a professional, I mix my personal and professional self in a way that presumes my title as Social Worker.Even in my personal Facebook page, I censor what is published and who are my friends, fully aware that possibly anyone can view my page.

Reid Hoffman, founder of Linked, defined the purposes of social media, separating personal, media, and professional well. He then claims that the risk of transparency is obsolete compared to the benefits of connectivity. Read more here:

As I continue to develop my online presence, I will become more and more transparent, yet the information I share will censored and appropriate for both my personal and professional life.