There’s nothing like a BeltLine adventure

I decided to take some time to experience the BeltLine first hand. So many people are excited about the East Side Trail that’s underway and due to open up later this spring, I had to check it out myself. Although the trail isn’t open to the public yet because of construction, I got to do some sneaking around and it was AWESOME.

The trail runs through Inman Park and is convenient to great food and coffee spots. Streets like Auburn Avenue, Wiley Street, and Freedom Parkway are easily accessible. As I was walking down the corridor, the view of condos and the Atlanta skyline was unique and I loved it.

There was great art from last years Art on the BeltLine fundraiser.

The adventure was amazing. I got to see Old Fourth Ward Skate Park. I know it’s old news, but I didn’t know that Tony Hawk had been a part of the opening ceremony last summer.

I’m so looking forward to the official opening of the trail and the access and community it’s going to draw to the area.


4 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a BeltLine adventure

  1. This really is a great trail. I’ve had the pleasure of exploring it for the last 3 years and have seen some major changes. I first walked right on top of the 100 year old rails and ties, then along the dirt paths, and soon it will be a smooth paved path for multi-purpose mobility. Can’t wait!

  2. Hannah,

    Love this post and you already know I love the Beltline. The photos help make it feel more alive (just remember if they aren’t yours to put in the attribution). The art under the bridge is really significant and the stories about it are pretty cool. The neighborhood takes great pride in it and takes good care of it. Would have loved to hear about the artist?

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