Is Privacy Possible?

I find myself being a very informative blogger. That’s why I love Twitter. I post facts. I give you information to help you navigate your community, or possibly navigate your life. I do not, however, give you my personal opinions. Why? I am private. Who I am as a person, is kinda fragile to me. I love myself as a Social Worker. Many of my personal values parallel with my social worker values. I love being someone that brings information to people. I love sharing myself with people. But, I think it’s super social worker to let you have your own opinions and posting my is influential, or at least I think it is.

Yet, as I’m developing my blog, I realize it is dry. People want to know me to better understand why I post what I do. Posting with personality is what I am striving to do. I used Kivi Leroux Miller’s for some creative ideas to spice up my blog life. Hey it is the life of a Super Social Worker.

So here I am, with a little help from Flickr:

My city:

Atlanta City Skyline

My family:

My passions:

The Atlanta BeltLine

Strong is the New Skinny

and of course SOCIAL WORK

touch the sky..

So, in conclusion, privacy is not possible, not if you want to be a part of this world? Post with personality 🙂



2 thoughts on “Is Privacy Possible?

  1. I love your post…it took courage to share a little about your personal life, and for that I appreciate you. I think it’s a constant battle for any professional, especially a social work professional to be able to balance the personal and professional selves. How much is too much personal? And how much is TOO professional (to a point of rigidity?)

  2. Hannah,

    Nicely done. You can tell folks a little about you and still preserve your privacy. You can talk about what really matters to you and still not give us TMI. Letting other people see a little bit about what matters to you makes what you share (in blogging or in your professional roles) have a little more value to people. It makes you real.

    You are also correct when you stand firm on the need to keep your personal boundaries in tact. We have all read the posts or articles that give us WAY too much information about someone. This was a nice balance.

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