The Atlanta Beltline is coming to Georgia State

Redeveloping 22 miles surrounding the core of Atlanta with trails, transit, and housing, the Atlanta BeltLine is altering the way Atlanta develops over the next 30 years.  33 miles of hiking trails connecting 40 parks with affordable housing for working families is making Atlanta a leader in sustainable urban development in the nation.

Have you seen the new D.H. Stanton park with skate park located in the Old 4th Ward? Yep. Part of the BeltLine. The park was named the Best New Thing in Atlanta by Creative Loafing.

If your as excited about the Atlanta BeltLine as me, I’m sure you want to know more.

Well, the BeltLine is coming to Georgia State! January 26th, 7-8pm at Andrew Young School of Policy Studies. Contact: Whitney Fuller,, for additional information.

Don’t forget to check the BeltLine’s timeline for updates.



3 thoughts on “The Atlanta Beltline is coming to Georgia State

  1. Let’s talk – I can point u in the direction of video content and things to pull people in if you want to explore that option and continue with the Beltline theme – the Beltline actually ties into my social media project about transportation – I can show you how to post a video also… know where to find me……

  2. Hannah –

    Woo Woo for the Beltline. Just a block from my house – when it happens! I love this project, so I admit my response to this post may be biased. I took the tour and learned as much about Atlanta as I did about the Beltline. It was great!

    That said, a couple of thoughts. Erik is right about the video idea, Also – you’re excited, I get that. Why? What about this project is so cool? What does it do for neighborhoods that have been left behind in the economic changes of the city? How could it connect us in different ways that we haven’t been able to before? What are the politics? Are you voting for the sales tax increase?

    You get the idea. Good start, though and if you join the project Erik is talking about you will learn a bunch more.

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